Top 10 Best Instant Tent Reviews In 2019

Whenever the topic of camping arises our minds naturally think of wild locations, exotic discoveries, and tents.No matter how much we like to wander off into nature we still need to set up a shelter for when our bodies need rest or protection from the harsh weather conditions. If we don’t want to waste so much time to set up a tent then we need the best instant tent, which is easy to set up and usable.

Over the years we have had enormous growth in the making of tents, so much that if you go shopping for one you will not know where to start and might not even be sure of your final pick.

The problem with so many different models to choose from is that each brand goes out of its way to advertise their products, leaving buyers confused about which product is actually right for them.

If you are planning your next camping trip and thinking about purchasing a tent then you are at the right place right now because that is what we will be covering today.

After much debate and comparison between Traditional Tents and Instant Tents, we decided to go with Instant Tents for this post.

Our decision was mostly based on all the benefits that an instant tent has over traditional tents and how convenient it has become for today’s campers.

If you are looking for a tent which you can set up in minutes without any hassles and without compromising on all the essential features of a well-made tent then you definitely need an instant tent.

To begin with we have compiled a list of the 10 best instant tents which money can buy. Take a look at our list before reading our buying guide and other useful contents which we have put together for you that should help you make your decision much easier.

What Are Instant Tents And Why Do You Need The Best Instant Tent?

The instant tent can be defined as, Which is set-down in a minute and which is pitched. It’s featuring an innovative frame design and may have telescope poles, it is absolutely easy to set up. You have to simply unfold, then extend the poles, click and lock into place. The best instant tent is ready to use. It is simple And that’s why its called instant tent.

If you are asking, why you need an instant tent then we will be glad to answer that question for you.

There are so many benefits to owning an instant tent that once you live through them you will be asking yourself why you didn’t consider this item before.

The main benefit of an instant tent is no doubt the little time it takes to be put up.

You can have your instant tent set up and ready for use in less than 5 minutes, with some models that even promise to take less than 60 seconds for the job.

Compare that to the amount of time you would spend pitching a conventional tent. We had once spent almost an hour getting our conventional tent up. Imagine the frustration and how much time we lost in the process.

With an instant tent present among your camping necessitates you will be able to camp almost anywhere instantly. This also gives you the assurance that no matter what surprises the weather throws at you, you will be able to put up a quick shelter for you and your loved ones.

Another great thing about the instant tents of today or at least the ones which we have reviewed for you here is that no matter how ‘instant’ they are, they still possess all the quality features which you would get from conventional tents plus more.

If you love hiking and camping we really cannot think of a better item than an instant tent for your outdoor expeditions.

Top 10 Best Instant Tent Reviews

Now we are gonna reviews the best tent. No need to wait so much time to read the reviews of the instant tent. The tent is easy to use and setup. Here is our first one…

1. CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin

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Looking for a cabin style instant tent for a large family? If you can afford to pay up a little in return for a tent that comes fully equipped with modern technologies and can accommodate up to 9 people then the CORE 9P may be just what you are seeking.

Featuring pre-attached poles, the 10.5 x 11 x 48 inches tent takes around a minute to be set up as the poles unfold and extend at once.

The fabric used in the construction is sturdy and incorporated with the company’s own H20 block technology which makes the whole tent resistant to water. For added protection against rain and other weather surprises, there is also a fully taped rain fly.

To ensure that you can run your electronic devices safely, the tent also comes with electrical access ports.

Overall we feel for the price it is one of the best water resistant tents that is both spacious and comfortable for the whole family.

What We Liked

  • Includes a room divider for privacy
  • Electrical access port
  • Waterproof technology
  • Includes storage compartments

What We Did Not Like

  • Some users mentioned that although the tent is spacious, it may run small for 9 adults
  • A little heavy
  • May take longer than a minute to pitch

2. Coleman Cabin Tent for 6 Persons

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Coleman is a well-known brand and their products are widely used by campers and nature lovers from all over.

This cabin style tent is an affordable and well-made tent that can accommodate up to 6 persons.

Measuring at 10x 9 feet with a 6-foot center height you can just about fit two large air beds and have a cozy shelter ready for your loved ones in a matter of minutes.

With patented welded floors and inverted seams, the tent is made to resist water. This is made even more possible with the integrated vented rainfly that comes with the tent.

For durability and long-lasting performance through unforgiving weather, the tent is built to last using rugged Polyguard 2x double thick fabric, Taffeta 150D and Polyester mesh on the outer.

This is one of the best instant tents for camping that you may take.

What We Liked

  • Pre-attached poles for quick and easy setup
  • Durable and waterproof material
  • Spacious interior
  • Includes an expandable carrying bag for easy transportation

What We Did Not Like

  • Heavy for hiking
  • Less ventilation
  • Not highly waterproof

3. Wenzel Klondike Tent

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If you prefer a lot of ventilation and love the feel of the breeze passing through your tent at all times then you will love the Wenzel Klondike Tent. It is the best instant tents for camping.

This tent is designed for 8 persons but realistically speaking we feel it is best for 5 to 6 persons to sleep in because of the way it is designed.

The whole tent measures at 16 feet by 11 feet but the interior space is only 98 square feet with a 60 square foot screen room extension.

If required a total of 3 persons could sleep in the smaller screen room but it is better suited as a place to keep your gears or just relax in during the day.

The mesh roof and two mesh windows allow a great amount of fresh air and also keep you protected from mosquitoes and other annoying bugs.

With armor polyester fabric, polyurethane water-resistant coating and double stitched, lap-felled seams you can expect a decent amount of protection from rain and wind.

What We Liked

  • Affordably priced
  • Can accommodate up to 8 persons
  • Includes a screen room
  • Comes with rainfly, smooth running zippered windows and lots of ventilation

What We Did Not Like

  • Does not pitch ‘instantly’. For most people, it took around 15 to 20 minutes to set up
  • May not offer much protection against rain

4. Ozark Trail 3 Room Instant Tent

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Planning a camping trip with a large group and need an instant tent that is spacious enough to accommodate all members together and still not take more than a couple of minutes to set up?

If you answered yes then the Ozark Trail 3 Room Instant Tent may interest you with its 12 person’s capacity and quick assemble style.

For those looking for some privacy while still being under the same tent roof will appreciate the room dividers that turn this large shelter into a 3 room living space.

The poles are pre-attached which means that all you have to do is unfold and extend to have your massive tent pitched in a matter of minutes.

With an oversized ground vent, you could easily fit an air conditioner if required, allowing you to stay cool even on the hottest of days and nights.

The 16 x 16 cabin tent features a rain fly, 7 fully closable windows and fully taped factory sealed seams.

What We Liked

  • Ideal for a large group of campers
  • Includes room dividers for privacy
  • Lots of ventilation

What We Did Not Like

  • May not be able to withstand strong winds
  • Some customers had issues with setting up and taking down the tent as some of the poles got stuck in the process

5. Coleman 8-Person Instant Family Tent

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When it comes to reputable brands for tents and camping equipment we believe that Coleman is admired and trusted by many simply because of their durable products and wide price range that appeals to all budget limits.

This tent sleeps 8 people and is designed to accommodate 2 queen airbeds, making it perfect for the whole family.

There are a total of 7 windows and 2 doors on the tent which offers a great deal of ventilation. With a removable room divider, you can also enjoy some privacy and give the children an area of their own to reside in.

For protection against all kinds of weather, the tent has incorporated the WeatherTec system which features waterproof walls and a welded floor. It is also known as waterproof tent.

What We Liked

  • Large capacity- can sleep, 8 people
  • Good protection against all sorts of weather
  • Good ventilation
  • Includes a room divider for privacy

What We Did Not Like

  • Can be too heavy for hiking- more suited for car trips
  • Might be too small for 8 adults to sleep comfortably

6. Columbia Fall River 10 Person Instant Dome Tent

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Our next item on the list is the Fall River Instant Tent in the dome design manufactured by the brand Columbia.

This tent sleeps a maximum of 10 people in its 15 ft x 10ft x 84 in living space.

The tent comes with a divider in the middle which can provide you with the much-needed privacy when camping with a large group or even for when kids demand space of their own.

With two doors you can utilize your side of the tent as you please and also draw the patented Omni-Shield when you need some closure.

The coated fabric is designed to keep you dry and safe inside when it starts to rain. The fabric sheds off the water much faster which allows the tent to dry off quick without being weighed down with moisture.

With large well-ventilated windows and a front awning, you can also feel the gorgeous breeze all around and at all times.

What We Liked

  • Included room divider for privacy
  • Easy to set up
  • Spacious enough for 10 people
  • Utility port allows access for a power cord

What We Did Not Like

  • At 38 pounds the tent is on the heavier side
  • Expensive

7. Wenzel Great Basin Tent – 9 Persons

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For large families or campers traveling with a lot of baggage, the Great Basin Tent by Wenzel is just the right size and build. It will be your best instant tent for the family.

Measuring at 18 x 10 foot the dome style tent has two separate rooms for privacy and can accommodate up to 9 people.

Made for all weather conditions the Great Basin sports a polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating for maximum protection against rain, wind, heat, and cold.

The 2 D-style mesh doors and mesh windows provide campers with a lot of air supply and natural light.

You can have the tent pitched in minutes and standing up all sturdy with the shock-corded fiberglass frame and pin-and-ring system.

What We Liked

  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Includes a hooped fly for added weather protection
  • Spacious enough for up to 9 persons
  • Room divider incorporated for privacy

What We Did Not Like

  • The zippers are not made to last
  • Rain fly had ripped for some customers

8. Wnnideo Instant Family Tent

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Next up is the affordable Wnnideo Instant Family Tent in the classic dome style which can accommodate a family of around 4 to 5 persons.

Made of water repellent fabric held together with sealed seams, the whole tent including the doors and windows are fully secured and ready to withstand all harsh weather conditions.

With a pop-up system, you can have the tent pitched up in a matter of seconds which leaves you with more time to spend with your loved ones.

Get cozy inside the tent or enjoy the fresh breeze with an all-around mesh design.

The 6 mesh panels further prevent bugs from entering the tent so you can sleep peacefully inside.

This is one of the lightest instant tents on our list and is a great product for those who prefer to travel light.

What We Liked

  • Light in weight
  • Pop up design for quick set up
  • Includes storage pockets and a lantern hanging hook
  • Water-repellent fabric

What We Did Not Like

  • Not big enough to fit 4 or 5 adults- it is ideal for maybe 2-3 adults at the most
  • May feel ‘flimsy’

9. Coleman Instant Tent 6

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One more instant tent by the brand Coleman and this time it is the Instant Cabin Tent that comes with Fly and is designed to accommodate a total of 6 people. For this, we say that it also the best instant tents for camping.

This product has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon and rightfully so because it is made from very durable materials and comes with all the right features.

The 4 large windows open up to allow a lot of air in while the rugged fabrics make the tent worthy of use even when the weather seems unforgiving.

With tough floors, sturdy poles and dual hubs, you can expect amazing shelter from heavy rain, extreme heat, and wind while enjoying the wild side of nature.

Have this tent pitched in about a minute and immediately feel at home.

What We Liked

  • Instant set-up
  • Rain fly included
  • Good living space
  • Includes storage pockets
  • Stable

What We Did Not Like

  • Can be too pricey for some

10. CORE 6-Person Instant Tent

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Don’t let sudden weather changes ruin your camping trip because with a well built weather-resistant instant tent like the CORE 6 you can face the nature and enjoy all that it has to offer no matter what surprises are thrown at you.

With H20 Block Technology that includes water repellent fabrics, sealed seams, rain resistant door, and window seals and a fully taped rainfly, you can stay warm and dry at all times.

The set up takes around a minute to complete which allows you plenty of time to spend with your family and take part in many enjoyable outdoor activities.

There is a large wall organizer which can be used to store your essentials while keeping the floor clutter free.

You will get a rain fly, tent stakes and a carry bag with the tent to ensure that you are fully equipped for your next camping trip.

What We Liked

  • Very quick set up and tear down
  • Spacious
  • Features a gear loft with lantern hook
  • Comes with a rainfly
  • Durable

What We Did Not Like

  • Not a very common complaint but nevertheless the fabric had ripped for a few users
  • There have been a few reports of faulty poles

Here is some Similar product that you may take a look.

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Must-have features to consider before buying an instant tent

When you going to buy the best instant tent, you have to consider some must-have feature. In this section, we try to highlight this feature. By this, you will know how to choose a tent. Hope it will help you to find the best one.

*Pitching Time

Okay, so we take it that the main reason you are thinking of getting an instant tent is that you do not want to spend a lot of time setting up your tent.

In this case, you need to find out just how fast the product you are interested in can be set up.

Normally this information can be found in the product description by the manufactures or sellers but we also recommend reading a few customers reviews for real-life experiences.

Instant tents should have instant features such as instant folding, extending or locking to save time.


If the thought that all tents can be used all year round then, unfortunately, that is not true.

You can get 3-season tents and 4-season tents. Consider which time of the year you prefer to go camping before you pick out the tent.

3 season tents are most popular because they can be used during spring, summer, and fall. If your 3 season tent is made really well then it can withstand extreme heat, heavy rain and even a bit of snow.

A 4 season tent however is best suited for really cold and windy weather only.


As much as we would like to believe that all instant tents are made with a lot of care and high-grade materials, it is easy to fall for cheaply made models that probably won’t last for more than one season.

To ensure that the tent you choose will last longer and continue to serve you through seasons after seasons you need to check out how rigid the construction is and what quality material was used in the making.

A sturdy built instant tent should be made of materials that do not tear apart easily and also have the trait of being water-proof.

The quality of the poles is also important as they have the responsibility of holding the tent up.


Maybe we should have mentioned this point before everything else because it is such a crucial thing to consider when choosing a tent.

The tent you pick should be able to accommodate all the people you wish to place inside the tent. Do remember that each person will have their personal belongings so keep that in mind when selecting the size too.

Finding the right size shouldn’t be much of a hassle because all tents come with the capacity mentioned in their descriptions so we strongly advise that you check that out before making the purchase.


You will probably have loads of other items to include when you pack for your trip and keeping the weight down to a minimum is something everyone aims for.

You must consider the weight of the tent so you can be sure if it is something you will be comfortable enough to carry around as you go hiking or backpacking.

For someone traveling to their camping destination in a car may not have to worry about the weight of the tent as it can just be thrown in the trunk but if it needs to be carried by hand or in a back-pack then choosing something light weight is important.

*Weather resistant

Along with being waterproof, your instant tent should also be able to protect you from other harsh weather conditions such as harmful UV rays, strong winds, and accidental fire, cold weather. For cold weather, you may use cold weather tents.

Look for materials that are fire retardant and well ventilated so you can enjoy a good amount of airflow as you rest inside.

Having multiple doors is also a good feature to have.


We strongly suggest a rainfly for tents because it keeps the tent and you inside protected from rain and heavy wind.

You can choose between a roof-only and a full-coverage rainfly depending on your preference. Both have their own benefits which may appeal to individual campers and camping situations.

With a roof rainfly, your tent’s top is covered and safeguarded against rain while also allowing air to pass from all other sides. This is great for light casual rain.

However, if there are chances of heavy rainfall or extreme winds then a rainfly that offers full coverage is considered best as it covers the whole tent.

*Inbuilt Storage and Vestibules

Many instant tents also come with large vestibules that provide you with a good amount of storage area to keep your belongings.

If there are items such as boots, bags or other essentials which you need to keep away from rain or sunlight but not necessarily inside the tent then the vestibule comes in handy.

For things you need to secure inside the tent, you will need some inbuilt pockets and loops that act as storage compartments.

*Protection from Bugs

You are lucky if your instant tent is screened because you will definitely be visited by unwanted guests out in the wild.

Mosquitoes and other annoying insects are always present in the outdoors and if you wish to be able to sleep peacefully and safely at night or even during the day then you will need some sort of protection.

Normally this protection can come in the form of nets which you also purchase separately but if your tent is screened then that is even better.

What might happen if you don’t consider the must-have features before buying an instant tent?

Let us say that you come across an instant tent which you think looks great and totally fall within your budget and you think of skipping all or some of the points we mentioned above that need to be considered before buying.

What possibly could go wrong?

Well, a lot actually.

Imagine if you end up with an instant tent that actually takes a lot of time to pitch? What a waste of time, isn’t it?

Or you purchase a tent that does not come with the right build to withstand the climate of the current season you are camping in.

You will find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a so-called tent that practically only acts as a thin barrier and has no strength to protect you or your loved ones during unforgiving weather conditions.

The capacity is also extremely important for everyone present to be able to sleep comfortably or take shelter inside the tent when the need arises.

We are quite sure that no one would volunteer to stay outside of the tent when a sudden downpour or strong wind happens.

As mentioned before, a tent should be able to provide you will all the protection you need from all sorts of weather and climate changes. So if your chosen tent is not made from waterproof materials then you will be at risk of getting yourself and all your belongings wet even if you run for cover inside the tent when it starts to rain.

Accidents can occur anytime and unfortunately the most common mishap at camping sites is the start of an accidental fire which could cause serious injuries and totally ruin your whole trip.

In this case, if your tent is made of fire-resistant materials then you will have a chance of escaping unharmed. These kinds of materials give you the time to get everyone outside to safety and also save your belongings on time.

Even if you like to travel light you will have some baggage with you and having storage space inside the tent or in the form of a vestibule allows you to keep things organized and safe within your tent.

Without storage space you might have to leave your belongings outside, increasing the risk of having them damaged by wild animals or the rain or even stolen.

We could go on about all the bad things that could possibly happen if you do not consider the must-have features but we hope you got the idea by now.

For you here is a short video about the 5 best instant tents for camping

Final Verdict

We have come to the end of our post today but before we conclude this topic we would recommend our readers to once again consider the list of the best Instant Tents. Because we have filtered them out of countless other instant tent models to bring you the top 10.

As we have included the pros and cons of each product you will be able to choose the one that you feel suits your needs best without being directed to one particular model only.

Take some time and discuss with your traveling partners and decide on the tent which you think is ideal for your chosen season and also budget if you have one to stick to.

We certainly hope with careful planning and the best instant tent for camping will make your next camping trip a memorable one.

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