Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent Reviews

Are you one of those that like to wander off alone sometimes and backpack across the country to enjoy some adventurous days and nights?

If you would rather be camping or backpacking somewhere out in the wild or at places where you can be closer to nature then you need to have the necessary equipment and gears in order to make your experiences even better. In this article, we will talk about the tent and it is alps mountaineering lynx 1-person tent.

Along with the little items like mosquito repellent and a good book to read maybe, there are quite a few must-have items.

The most essential item on a backpacker’s list should be a tent.

As a single person hiking one tends to keep the baggage to a minimum and that is why is it important to search for a tent that is built for 1 person.

On our search for the best single person tent, we came across the Alps Mountaineering Lynx single Person Tent manufactured by the company ALPS Mountaineering.

We found out that this tent is already quite popular among solo campers and so we decided to check it out. If you do not need a cabin type tent then this tent for you.

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent Reviews

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If you are looking for a compact single person tent for your next hiking trip, our in-depth review might help you decide if this is the one.

What is included in the package:

  • The tent body
  • The fly
  • A carry bag which includes straps and buckles
  • A bag with 10 aluminum pegs
  • Aluminum tent poles
  • Some extra swatches of fabric ( if you ever need to patch the tent)

The Product at a Glance

As mentioned, this tent is designed for solo use which means that it is built to be compact and spacious enough for one adult.

There will be space for your bags and other gears inside which is great for when you need to have all your stuff inside during rain or when you just can’t afford to leave things outside of the tent.

The quality is amazing as the fabric and all other components are made of high-grade materials.

We loved the mesh walls that provide a lot of air circulation so you can stay cool and away from the suns heat even on hot summer days.

Freestanding and easy to put up, the tent is definitely worth considering for outdoor activities.

1. Built

The base of the tent measures at 7’6 x 2’8 with a center height of approx 3 feet. The 20 sq. ft floor surface is spacious and made of waterproof fabric to keep you dry and safe through all weather conditions.

The company states that this tent is ideal for 3 seasons which also include the rainy season. It is however not too great for winter.

With two vents which can be opened and closed on the sides of the tent, you can enjoy some extra fresh air if it gets too condensed inside.

The seams are strong and firmly placed so there is very less risk of leaks or tear offs.

Overall we find this polyester tent to be an excellent shelter against the harsh sides of nature which could include UV damage, a sudden downpour, and even annoying bugs.

2. Large Vestibule

Although the tent is made for a single person and the room is sparse, there is a considerable amount of storage space in the form of a large vestibule.

Along with the vestibule, there are also 3 mesh pockets that offer some extra storage.

3. Durable Zippers

There are extra large zippers on the vestibules and doors which are durable and also easy to handle. The zippers are well constructed and make closing and opening smooth and hassle-free.

4. Easy Assemble

With a free-standing design, you can have your tent up in minutes without worrying about complicated set-up procedures.

Some may feel that the sturdiness of the tent will be compromised due to the simple set up but that is not the case. The tent holds up pretty well against wind and rain.

Everything is included in the package for assembling the tent so you don’t really have to spend extra cash on time shopping for other items.

5. Weight

This is where we wish we could have given this product more points but sadly we have to say that despite being a tent for a solo camper the item is not exactly lightweight.

The size is compact and does not take up much space but the weight of over 3 pounds is on the heavier side.

6. Cost

The price along with its value is one of the main reasons why this tent is so popular. The manufacturers somehow managed to incorporate high-grade materials and very smart designs into the making of this tent and at the same time keeping the price to a minimum.

When compared to many other single person tents we found the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx to have the best value for its price.

What We Liked

  • Waterproof- ideal for protection against rain
  • Lots of airflows
  • Large storage compartment
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Affordable
  • Can be used for 3 seasons-except during heavy winter

What We Did Not Like

  • Not lightweight
  • The sleeping space is just about enough for an adult but not too roomy
  • Not ideal for winter

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the pack dimension of this tent?

The product measures at 6’’ x 17.5 ‘’ when packed, according to the information on the bag.

2. Does the weight of 3.5lbs include everything or just the tent?

Without the carrying bag, the weight will come to around 3 lbs 15 oz with all other items included. With the carrying bag, it will weight approx 4 pounds.

3. Does a seam run across the bottom of the floor in the design of the tent?

We got different answers to this from several users. Some said that the model they bought had no seams that ran across the floor of the 1-person tent while some customers mentioned that their tent had a seam going across the middle. But those who said that there was, in fact, a seam also mentioned that there was no leakage from the seams as all the seams on the tent are well locked.

4. Do I need to buy a footprint for this tent?

The tent does not come with a footprint and you don’t really need one as the seams are all up to the sidewall so there is no risk of damage or discomfort. You could also just use a sleeping pad over the floor if needed. However, if you want to get a footprint then you will need to purchase one separately.

Before the final thought, here is the short video about alps mountaineering lynx 1-person tent assembling and its usage.

Final Thoughts on the Product

By the time we were done reviewing the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent, we were clear on one thing- that you can actually get a decent product even when you are on a budget.

We hope our review has also provided you with all the information you need on this product and helped you come to a decision of whether it is something you would like for your outdoor trips.

With great features and a sturdy built, this is no doubt one of the most affordable and value-packed single person tents on the market.

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